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December 2017
President's Report, A New Town for New Settlers, Something beginning with S', Treasure Trove in 28 boxes, William Bligh visits Hobart Town, Footsteps towards Freedom, Hobart's Carols by Candlelight, Book Launch , New Books.

September 2017
Contents include: President's Report, Tasmania's Strong Connections to the novel 'Oliver Twist', Contact and Conflict on the Eastern Shore, Out and About, Re-jigging Australia's History, Mrs Fenton's Journey, The Exodus from Norfolk Island, New Books, New Members, Dates for your Diary.

June 2017
Contents include: President's Report, Benefits upon Joining, The Founding of St David's Church, The First Sermon in Victoria, Out and About, Kempton Coaches, Hobart Town was a Mess, Other News, New Books, New Members, Dates for your Diary.

March 2017
Contents include: President's Annual Report, A Tribute to our First Settlers and Convicts, The Prettiest Violet, Out and About, Plants, Insects and Fish, Financial Statements, Pandemonium at the Tench, Vale: Dorothy Houghton, New books, Other news, New members, Dates for your Diary.

December 2016
Contents include: President's Report; Captain Haig's Unaffordable Home; The Necessity of a Burial Ground; The Answer to Several Problems; Out and about; Dr Crowther gives it all away; Eternal Father, Strong to Save; Hobart Town Hall 1866- 2016; Vale: Lois Emily King; Our stuff now have a safe home!; New books; New members; Dates for your diary.

September 2016
Contents include: President's Report; On the Street of Hobart - The History Behind Our Streets; The Church on a Hill - Aspired to be a Beacon; Exposed on Friendly Beaches - The Shipwreck of the Viola in 1857; The Chocolate Shop - For the Sweet-Tooths of Battery Point; The Bellettes of Sorell; Researching German Immigration in the 19th Century; New Books; New Members; Dates for your Diary.

June 2016
Contents include: President's Report; Blessing of the bonnets; Out and About; Mrs Johnson and the Wallpaper; A Short Cut to Franklin; Polar Pathways; German Immigration to Tasmania; New Books; New Members; Dates for your Diary.

March 2016
Contents include: Remembering the Founders of Hobart Town; Corruption and Skullduggery; Out and About; Arthur Phillip Turned in his Grave; Financial Statements; REV. Bruce Mitchell's address at the Floral Tribute; New books; New members; Dates for your Diary.

December 2015
Contents include: President's Report; Colonial Artists and Landscape Art; A Legacy in Stone; A Bleak Day for Christmas; Christmas Day in Hobart in 1819; A Small Man with a Big Voice; Walking with William Cuffay; the Carlton; New Books; Dates for your Diary; New Members.

September 2015
Contents include: President's Report; A Settlement with Secrets; The Wreck of the HMS Sirius; A School with Buried Secrets; Behind the Scenes; New Books and more.

June 2015
Contents include: President's Report; Convicts with a hint of lavender; Cascades Probation Station; Early Wallpapers in Hobart; High Peak a Family’s Summer Chalet; a Town on Fat Doe River; Catherine May Roberts – the Lady with the Flag; and more.

March 2015
Contents include: President's Report; Blinkling Pyramid; Thomas Wiggins, Fruit, Shoes and Violins; Roses from the Heart; convict Joseph Ward; and more.

December 2014
Contents include: President's Report; Forty Years On; News from our Patron; Colonial Coinage and Notes; in Van Diemen's Land; "Out & About" photos; Underneath Bank Arcade; Memorabilia and Collectables; the Giant Chilcott of Cornwall; New Tasmanian Names Index; new books; looking after your documents.

September 2014
Contents include: President's Report; the Bicentenary of the Death of Arthur Phillip ; Shortcut to Franklin; "Out & About" photos; Where is Hobart's Oldest Tree? Children of the Voyages; the Two Young Williams; the Unveiling of Matthew Flinders' Statue; new books.

June 2014
Contents include: President's Report; news from the Patron; Digging up Salamanca Quarry; Historic Lighthouses in Southern Tasmania; "Out & About" photos; Death of Matthew Flinders; Soldiers' Memorial Avenue, Hobart; Theodore Thompson Flynn, not just Errol's father; new books.

March 2014
Contents include: Annual Report; annual Floral tribute commemorating 210th Anniversary of Hobart Town in 1804; Visit of The Earl of Buckinghamshire; "Out & About" photos; visit to Inverawe Native Gardens; Rediscovery of A W H Humphrey's existence; new books; Kangaroo Valley Pottery; a tribute - Kathleen Mary (Kate) Carlisle.

December 2013
Contents include: Building of St. Mary's Cathedral; Tribute to Freda Gray OAM; Info on Robert Knopwood's  Sermon 14 April, 1813; Items of Interest & New Books; Joseph Darling (1870-1946); Claremont house visit; Lieut. Governor Thomas Davey; Marvels & Mystery Items at October meeting.

September 2013
Contents include: Lt John Bowen RN; Clash of Two Cultures Sir William Denison and William Smith O'Brien in VDL; Tasmanian Archives and Heritage Office; Out and About photos; John Bowen's Mistress Martha (Quinn) Hayes; Tasmanian Farm - Oldest Family Business; Risdon Cove; Inverawe Native Gardens.

June 2013
Contents include: Lady Jane Franklin's Ambitions; Gathering on Norfolk Plains; Female Convict Research Centre; East Coast Excursion; Abandoning Norfolk Island; Government Immigration Office 1852.

March 2013
Contents include: News from the Patron; Eliza Furlonge and Saxon Merino sheep in Tasmania; "Out & About" photos; Claremont House at Lady Clark Avenue; local news; Floral Tribute.

December 2012
Contents include: William & Sarah Vince; Louisa Smith's Memoirs; New Books; Alexander Laing Fiddle Trail; Members 'Show & Tell'; News from Janice Hickey in lreland; Changes to the Constitution; Leonie Mickleborough - Lt. Governor; Sir John Eardley Eardley-Wilmot; Two lmmigrants in VDL: (John Walker & Andrew Counsel); Colonial ltems Fetch High prices at Auction.

September 2012
Contents include: Memorial to Robert Hobart 4th Earl of Buckinghamshire; the Orphan School; a Tale of Ambition and Unrealised Hope: John Montagu and Sir John Franklin; The Hobart Police Museum; Out and About photos; antique auction of colonial and convict items; exhibition of Early Tasmanian Historical Maps and Charts 1811 - 1859; the Tasmanian Laheys - Sheep Stealer to Sheep Farmer; George Loveless and the Tolpuddle Martyrs; the Wiggins of Wiggins Town and their early business enterprises.

June 2012
O'Brien's Bridge Chapel burials; Edward Murphy's Signal & Merchant Ship Flag Charts; Peter Sweetlove policeman and photographer; Dr Jane Tolman on Life and Death in Old Hobart Town; 'Out & About' photos; Visit to Cleburne Homestead & Bowen Monument; Extraordinary antique sale of colonial items; First Fleet Flagship HMS Sirius; the Two Headed syndrome.

March 2012
Contents include: Associate Professor Peter Chapman's talk on Governor Macquarie; Bruny Island Excursion; new books published; John Terry early settler; Annual Floral Tribute; Shene and Stables at Pontville; Brownell -Tasmania’s greatest Departmental Store.

December  2011
Contents include: Tour of 'Markree'; New Books Published; Our Members 'Memories on Paper'; The (Original) Lady Nelson brig; Prof. Pam Sharpe talk 'Royston' Battery Point; Cohen Family Reunion and 'Who was the first white woman to step foot in VDL?' Photos of Governor Macquarie Anniversary Celebrations.

September 2011
Contents include: Strange Old Laundry Practices; Hannah Wilcock's Recipe; Guest Speaker Reports: Hamish Maxwell-Stewart (Founders & Survivors); John Cannon 'From Bootleggers to Snares'; and Colin Thomas 'Scrimshaw'. 'There's a prisoner in the Ceiling'; Antique Auction; Macquarie 2011 Events and Cartoon; The First White Child Born in Van Diemen's Land; New Books Published and James Boyd: Commandant at Port Arthur.

June 2011
Contents include: "An Unlikely Friendship" with Rev Robert Knopwood; Oatlands Bus Trip; "My First Settler" descendants of Sergeant William Gangell; Variety Bay Historic Sites Bruny Island; 19th Century Properties on the Market; New Books Published; Restoration of unique 1847 Organ.

March 2011
Contents include: President's Report; Governor Lachlan Macquarie; Tasmanian Women of Achievement; Re-enactment of the Laying of the Foundation Stone at Lady Franklin Gallery.

December 2010
Contents include: various reports; "Tracing My Family Tree"; Collinsvale Walking Tour; Trip to "Redlands" at Plenty; First Chief Justice of VDL; Thomas Ashton 1818 - 1862; "The Life and Crimes of John Lindon".

September 2010
Contents include: "Ancient Artifacts"; "Roses from the Heart"; Boer War Commemorative Service; Re-Hallowing of St John's Church; Newtown; Saving "Princess Royal" A Family Remembers; William Bligh; Winifred Moloughney's three marriages.

June 2010
Contents include: "Welcome to Country"; Display of the Funeral Parade of Lt Gov David Collins; Tracing early VDL Violin; Convict William Buckley; Years after Lt Gov Collin's death.

March 2010
Contents include: Floral Tribute at the Hunter Street Memorial; Review "1788; the Brutal Truth of the First Fleet"; Face to Face with the Past; Trip to Ross.

December 2009
Contents include: Presentation from the Government; Bowen Lecture Art Competition and Art Exhibition Conference Weekend; St Leonards Primary School; Women Transported; Book Review.

September 2009
Contents include: Lord Hobart's visit to Hobart; "More Ripper Tassie Place Names"; Boer War Commemorative Service; "The McGregors"; Melbourne Intercolonial Exhibition.

May 2009
Contents include: Trading Vessels; Events Program; Floral Tribute; Reception for Lord Hobart; Early Hobart; "Founders and Survivors" Project.

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