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Annual Report for 2007

The President's Annual Report for 2007

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Hobart Town (1804) First Settlers Association Inc

I have much pleasure in presenting the Annual Report of the Hobart Town (1804) First Settlers Association Inc. for 2007.

The annual Floral Tribute was well attended and representatives from the Government, Local Government, History Groups, Churches and local Authorities, members and friends placed floral tributes, to commemorate the settlement of Hobart or their own particular ancestor. We appreciate the support given by the representatives, members and friends for this yearly event. We also appreciate having the members of the Hobart City Veterans Brass providing the music for our Floral Tribute. Afterwards, a large group of our members and friends met for lunch at the Timeless Way.

Our bus tours this year have included the districts of Colebrook, Pittwater and Dodges Ferry. We thank those owners who allowed us to wander around their properties and soak up the history of these places. In June we had a most interesting tour behind the scenes at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Although only a small number attended, the Director Mr Bleathman and his staff were most helpful. We were then treated to a lovely morning tea in the Museum courtyard. The visit to the Masonic Temple was a most enlightening occasion. Their members were keen to share their memorabilia and show us through the building. We appreciate the time given by TMAG and the Masonic Temple staff for giving so generously of their time.

Our morning meetings are proving to be very successful and the speakers and entertainment has been well received. A special thank you to those who have given so generously of their time to come and share their knowledge and make our meetings so enjoyable. Our Association has been represented at the Westbury History Fare, the Biennial History Conference at Richmond, the Seafarers Festival at Bellerive, and the Mariners Service at St Georges Church Battery Point. I was also invited to speak on our Norfolk Island events at the Sandy Bay History Group in May and Kate arranged for us to display our Bonnet project and Norfolk island family stories at the Glenorchy Library, assisted by a group of our members.

The Conference weekend began with a trip on the 'Lady Nelson' and lunch at the 'Timeless Way'. In the evening about 60 gathered at 'The Coffee Shop" Wrest point for an evening meal. Thank you to Kate for organizing this gathering.

Our Newsletter for February tells all regarding our Island to Island Conference. This event was an outstanding success, thanks to our Conference Committee and all those who worked so hard to achieve the result. It was great to have so many mainland members and friends join us here in Tasmania, for this weekend.

Our Island to Island publication, launched by Mr Reg Watson and complied by our Hon. Secretary, Mrs Kate Carlisle has also been a great success. The Bonnets book is a lovely record for our members who have remembered their ancestors in this way. A package of over thirty bonnets has been delivered to the Female Factory for inclusion in the Christina Henri collection. A special thank you to Kate for the many hours of work put into the many facets of our 'Island to Island' events.

We appreciate the time our member John Horton gives to looking after our web site and passing on the enquiries to me. We have gained several members through this site and I have answered many enquiries. Thank you also to our Hon. Treasurer for the many photos he he provided for our Newsletter and Scrap Book. Thank you also to other members who sent in photos and items.

The response to our new look Newsletter has been very positive. Thank you to those who have sent contributions. We look forward to more of your stories. A special thank you, to our Historian, Mrs Freda Gray, for the folding and posting of our Newsletter, and to Mrs Betty Reid for assisting with the mail-outs and our Morning Tea.

Several of our members have been unwell over the past few months, and it is good to see most back at our meetings. To those who are still not well, we wish them a speedy recovery. Unfortunately, we have lost Mr Henry Baldwin and Mr Bryce Ward, who passed away recently.

Our year concluded with our Christmas Lunch. We were pleased to have several of our visitors from the Mainland join with us for the occasion.

I appreciate the support and dedication of our Vice President Mr Denis Fletcher, Hon Secretary, Mrs Kate Carlisle, Hon. Treasurer Mrs Beth Stott, who resigned earlier in the year and our present Hon. Treasurer Mr Ken Staite and all the members of our committee. Thank you also to all our members who so willingly support our Association. This has been another very memorable Year.

Jessie Wagner

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