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Annual Report for 2006

The President's Annual Report for 2006

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Hobart Town (1804) First Settlers Association Inc

The year seems to have gone by so fast and once again it is my pleasure to present the Annual Report of our Association.

This has been a year of achievement and hard work. After many hours of talking and walking, our members came up with over 2000 signatures, in favour of the preservation of the Dunn Street area. These signatures were presented to Parliament last September. We have been congratulated on our efforts from several quarters.

Many thanks to all those who contributed by supporting the preservation of this now Heritage Listed site, where our unique city was founded. We must not rest on our laurels. We desperately need to keep this issue on the agenda.

Thank you, to our Vice President Mr. Denis Fletcher for preparing the papers for having the Dunn Street area placed on the Heritage List.

Several of our members have been attending Conversations at the Cove. These gatherings have been organised by the Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority and have given the public an opportunity to ?have a say?.

I attended a Conference at George Town late in 2006. There were some very interesting speakers and the trip to the new home of the 'Norfolk' was most enjoyable. Congratulations to those who have work so hard to present this little 'ship' to the public. Next time you happen to be in George Town, stop by, it is well worth a visit.

During the year, we have enjoyed several bus trips and lunches. We have visited some most interesting early properties and had an opportunity to share our interests and enjoy each others company. Many thanks to Kate for organising these outings.

This is the year we commemorate the arrival of the Norfolk Islanders in Hobart Town. A booking has been made for a trip on the Lady Nelson, on the 1st December, 2007.

Plans have already being made by our Committee, for an Island to Island Conference at Wrest Point on 2nd December, 2007. This is the site of the Chaffey grant. Full details of this event will be included in a 'mail out' at the end of March.

Our Hon. Secretary has the stories of our members, who are descendants of Norfolk Islanders, well in hand. Their stories are part of our history and I would like to thank all those who have helped by contributing information and photographs.

During the year we have had very interesting speakers. Our Association appreciates each of them giving their time to give us an insight into their particular areas of interest and expertise.

The Luncheon for our Patron was a great success, with over 50 attending, on the 23rd January. The Earl extends his thanks to the members for the opportunity to meet with them in a relaxed atmosphere. Our thanks have been conveyed to him for taking time from his busy schedule to come to Tasmania once again. Several of our interstate members came over for the luncheon.

Our Annual Floral Tribute was held on Tuesday 20th February, 2007 at the Hunter Street Monument to commemorate the 203rd anniversary of the settlement of our city. Those who attended the event were the Hon. D. Parkinson, representing the Premier, The Lord Mayor Alderman Valentine and Mayors of local councils, Army, Navy, and Air Force representatives, Dr. Stoddart for the Anglican Church, the Roman Catholic and Uniting Churches, History Groups, Ports Authority, Spatial Science, Sail Training [Lady Nelson] and others. We had the pleasure of the Hobart City Veterans Brass Band, who provided excellent music, which gave a lift to the occasion. Afterwards, members met for a light lunch at The Timeless Way.

If you were unable to make it this year, we look forward to your company at the 2008 Floral Tribute. Many thanks to all those who helped in the organising of this event.

Certificates for fifteen years service to our Association, have been awarded to Mr. G.B. [Brian] Harrington, Mr. Peter and Mrs. Colleen Read, Mr. Jim and Mrs. Marjory Potter, Mrs. Sue Guley, Mrs. Norma Branch and Mr. Ian Bedford. Congratulations and thank you, to these members for their interest and support.

During the year we have received donations to our Library from Mrs. I Schaffer, Mrs. J. Turner, Mr. M. Dale and Mrs. F. Gray. These donations are very much appreciated, particularly as the books and discs now have a ?home?.

My thanks go to our Hon. Secretary, Kate for her help and support during the past year, and to our Vice President, Mr. Denis Fletcher and our Hon. Treasurer Mrs. Beth Stott, who has given much of her time to learning our system. Thank you to all Committee members for their input and assistance during the year, and to all our members for their continued support and interest.

Jessie Wagner
Hobart Town 1804 First Settlers Assoc. Inc.

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