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Annual Report for 2005

The President's Annual Report for 2005

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Hobart Town (1804) First Settlers Association Inc


I have much pleasure in presenting the Annual Report for the year 2005. May I say, first of all I consider it has been a privilege to be President of our Association a:ad hope that I have proved worthy of the position during the past year.

Our Association's first outing for the year, was a weekend at 'Font Hill", with tours of Oatlands and Jericho area. This has been followed by several other trips, including Anglesea Barracks, Mt. Nelson Signal Station, Cambridge and Dulcot. Thank you to our Events Organiser, Kate for the enjoyable times. Efforts have been made to meet with several other History Groups during the year, with visits being made to Oatlands, Bellerive, George Town, Westbury History Day, Sorell and Clarence Plains. We were also represented at the service at St David's Cathedral, when the installation of the new Bells was celebrated, the Sound Preservation Society Concert, the Mariners Service at St George's Battery Point, the launching of the Woolmer's History Walk and the Bowen Lecture.

Meetings have been well attended and we have had the opportunity to have some very interesting speakers, throughout the year. The lunch, following our morning meetings is very well attended. Approximately 80 members gathered for our "Celebration of 30 years" at the Timeless Way Café. Certificates were presented to those members who had been with us for 15 years or more, as at the 20th February, 2004. It was a great time to meet up with friends in a relaxed atmosphere, and pay tribute to those who have supported our Association for so many years.

I would like to pay tribute to the work of Gloria Rankin, who passed away, just prior the 'Celebration'. Gloria had been a tireless worker for our Association, as was Geoff Gray, Freda's constant source of support, who passed away a few months ago. They will both be missed.

A great time was had by all at our Christmas gathering that followed the December meeting. Freda played the piano for some Carol singing and Santa paid us a visit.

A Special Meeting was held, prior to the General Meeting, on the 7th February. The result of the voting on the changes to the Constitution and incorporation, were overwhelmingly, in favour of both. Changes to the Constitution were ratified by the meeting, and are now in place.

Much of the General Meeting was taken up with discussion on our efforts concerning the Dunn Street Car Park and adjoining land, just outside the entrance to the Bond Store and Commissariat Courtyard. Letters have been forwarded to State Politicians, Local Councillors, Tasmanian Heritage Council and History Groups regarding the historical significance of this place. Some of our members have been attending 'Conversations in the Cove' arranged by the Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority. I was a speaker at the 'Conversations in the Cove on Thursday night, last week, 2nd March,2006. The response from the audience was positive. We are hoping that the area will not be used for just another high rise building.

The Floral Tribute was held at the Hunter Street Monument on Monday 20th February,2006. Our new Banner was displayed for the first time. It has our badge, enlarged on a white background, with the 'Calcutta' in the center of the map of Tasmania. Apologies were received from the Premier, the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress, Mrs Fran. Bladel, Dr. P. Thomson and The Glenorchy Concert Brass Band. The gathering was well attended. The Hon. Douglas Parkinson MLC, and the Deputy Lord Mayor, Alderman Eva Ruzicka addressed the gathering. There were representatives from local Churches, Local Councils, Mission to Seamen, Tasmanian Ports, Tasmania Police, local History Societies and Groups, Sullivans Cove Waterfront Authority and Spatial Science lnstitute. Many Floral Tributes were placed. Miss M. Long placed a tribute on behalf of the Original people and Mrs Freda Gray placed a tribute on behalf of our Association. I would like to thank all those who contributed to make the occasion a success, in spite of the fact we had no band, recorded music was the savior of the day.

Approximately thirty, gathered at the Timeless Way' for lunch and afterwards. Three Certificates were presented to members, who have been with us for fifteen years, they were Mrs Helen Neill-Fraser, Mrs Freda Gray and Mr and Mrs Gaffney. Congratulations to those present and to those who received their Certificates in the post.

On Saturday 4th March, a large bus load of members travelled to 'Burnside' and then on to 'Runneymede' near Buckland for lunch. In the afternoon we travelled in the surrounding area noting 'Orielton Park' and geological features on the way.

I would like to thank our Hon. Secretary, Mrs Kate Carlisle for her support during the year. Kate has worked hard to get all of our membership details on computer, as well as maintaining the book work. There was quite an amount of paper work in arranging the 'Celebration of Thirty Years', last October and I thank her for her efforts in making the day so successful. Thank you also to those members who were hosts and hostesses for the Day.

I would also like to thank our Hon. Treasurer, Mrs Fay Nichols for her work in the finance area. Fay took over, thinking it would be just a small job', but discovered that it was our bicentenary- certainly not small. Fay has indicated that, due to commitments, she will not be able to continue through this year. We are sorry to loose her as our Hon. Treasurer and thank her very much from all of us for her contribution. Fay has offered to be in the background if any help is needed. Thank you also to Mr. David Baulch for his work as our Auditor and our members, who have been most supportive, especially our dedicated Committee, who have given their time so generously.

Jessie Wagner

At the Annual General Meeting held on the 5th March, the following persons were elected unopposed. President- Mrs. Jessie Wagner, Vice President- \dr. Denis Fletcher, Hon. Secretary-Mrs. Kate Carlisle, Hon. Treasurer - Mrs Beth Stott, Historian - Mrs Freda Gray, and Public Officer - Mr Denis Fletcher. Other Committee members elected unopposed were - Mrs Barbara Fletcher, Mrs Margaret Ratcliffe, Miss Margaret Long, Mrs Betty Reid, Miss Kaye McPherson, Mr Warwick Risby and Mr Ken Staite. Mr and Mrs Hindle expressed the wish to retire from the Committee. Our Association sincerely appreciate Olive and Derek's contribution to our Committee over the years. They will still be there to help out where needed.

Welcome to our two new Committee Members, Mr W. Risby and M. K. Staite. There was an overwhelming majority of our members voted for Incorporation. This was ratified by our members at the AGM and the process of Incorporation of our Association has now begun.

Jessie Wagner

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